The Remodel

Among st all the amazing homes I get to work on, I come across remodels all the time. Of course, a remodel doesn’t necessarily mean the whole house. Sometimes the best remodels are updates to your everyday spaces that reawaken your home. While a lot of time and planning should go into a full remodel, there are quick things, in addition to longer term changes, you changes you can make to update your space.

When looking to redo a kitchen or a bathroom, one of the best ways to update the feel and add a touch of luxury is adding a backspace or changing up the tile.

  • Glass tile can be a great way to add texture to a wall.
  • At the high end, natural stone is a great way to add a sophisticated high end feeling to any home.Think hard about your grout choices, especially in high traffic areas.
  • White grout might be beautiful, but it’s a pain to clean.Look at a range of tiles, not only color but size. You might find a great way to mix tiles you like in a way no one has ever seen.
  • Looking for a quick change? How about some new dishes and a great table cloth?

Another hugely fun remodel is the closet. A great closet can make getting dressed or even putting laundry away fun. But, great closets aren’t only spacious, they’re organized.

  • Glass shelves can make for beautiful, clean lines to display your favorite shoes or accessories.
  • Windowed doors can be a great way to show off your closet.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of level symmetry. An even clean looking closet can display your goods in a beautiful, elegant way.
  • Trying to do it quick? A coat of glossy white paint and matching hangers can give a quick boosts to a suffering space.

Living rooms are where families and friends come together. With the holidays coming up, you may want to spice up your room in a quick, inventive way.

  • Pillows are a great way to add color, texture, or theme to a room. There are always great deals on pillows but don’t fear a high price tag. High end materials will last a life time
  • Lighting is the unsung hero of a room. Changing out the shape or color of lamp shades is realities inexpensive and you won’t believe the difference it makes.  When you’re ready for a redesign, think about where the light comes from in the room.
  • Think about your floors. If you’re going all in on a remodel, the floor might be main event. Wood floors are always classically beautiful and easier to maintain than their made out to be.