The Foyer

Whether you pronounce it “foy-er” or “fo-yae” the entrance to your home is introduction to your interior style. Like the hostess at a restaurant, the foyer is the first thing a guest will see when they enter and the last when they leave. So maybe you don’t have a grand staircase to impress, but there’s a way to make any entrance way impress.  If you have a grand staircase, get some great flooring and feel free to ignore the rest of this blog.

  • Great lighting is key to a great entrance. Big windows for the day and a great ceiling lamp for night will make any entrance inviting.
  • Know your home. Keep to the colors or themes used throughout your house. Think of your foyer as a preview for what’s to come.
  • Keep it clean. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s so easy to walk in the door kick off your shoes and never look back. Use a closet nearby as the designated shoe area for you and your guests.
  • Don’t be afraid of texture. A fun rug or great tile can liven up a space; just remember to keep the rest simple and sophisticated.

Remember to have fun! That’s what decorating is all about.