Nifty Gifts From the Designer in You

Sometimes Buying Holiday gifts that your friends will love is difficult. As we get older, our tastes become more defined and often refined and our home looks the way we’ve always wanted it too. We’re all guilty of buying the Christmas tree shaped cookie platter, giving the turkey themed gravy boat, or re-gifting the snowman shaped candle.

But, gifts should liven a friends home and build on their aesthetic as we be useful year round.

I am a huge fan of personalized gifts. Monogrammed pillows are a high end, beautiful product that can be personalized to fit your friend or family member’s home. You can even order these products online, which means no waiting in Black Friday lines, and you’ll get exactly what you wanted.

If your friends are like mine, they love to have dinner parties and show off their beautiful homes friend, I love to give a great conversation. Their is nothing better during cocktails than a great coffee table book. The best thing about coffee table books, is you can personalize the pick to meet your friends passions. I love architecture and fashion and there have been some great books published this year.

So what if their bed is full of pillows and their shelves filled with books. Cover the walls. The challenge with buying a beautiful piece of art for a friend is that personal tastes differ. Unless you know your friend loves nothing more than French Rococo painters, I’d stay away from choosing art pieces. What never goes out of style is a great clock. Fabulous tiles can also make for a beautiful wall piece for the kitchen. With all the choices out their make sure you do a search and be specific about style or color.

Make sure your gifts are thoughtful and full of love. Enjoy your Holiday shopping and remember to keep it simple, clean, and sophisticated.