How To Mix Patterns Stylishly

When it comes to introducing new pieces, accent pillows, and other patterned elements to a room it is common to feel a sense of unease. After all, you do want the patterns to work well together while still making a bold and stylish statement.  Due to this fear so many back away from a bold, multi patterned pieces and try to play it safe. Stop playing it safe and read these top tips to have your home looking chic and stylish in no time!

  • Start with a solid canvas, when a room is connected casually it gives off a stylish and smart look.
  • Play with the scale of your room to maximize your prints.
  • Find unexpected opportunities for pattern such as an accent pillows, curtains or a rug.
  • Be careful about your level of intensity and try to keep it in the color family.
  • Good things often come in three. Try to stay with three patterns that vary in size.

Mixing bold prints and pops of color is a great way to give a room personality and depth. What do you thinking of mixing prints and patterns?