Green Bathroom Renovation

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips for Toronto Residents

If you have been considering renovating your Toronto home in a more environmentally sound fashion, the bathroom is the perfect room in which to get started. The bathroom is the easiest room in which to make a large positive environmental impact for multiple reasons.

First, the room is smaller than most, so the project can be accomplished quickly and easily as an introduction to green renovation.

Second, the bathroom is an active consumer of both energy and water, and as you already know, the green renovation movement’s primary focus is the conservation of energy and water.

The bathroom renovation specialists have the knowledge, skills, and experience you need in order to quickly and easily finish your green bathroom renovation project. They will work with you ever step of the way to ensure that your green bathroom renovation goals are achieved. Here are a few tips that they have provided to help you get started with your green bathroom renovation project.

Bathroom Renovation

Conserve Water through the Renovation

The largest environmental impact that your bathroom has is its large water consumption. According to some estimates, the household toilet is responsible for over 27% of the standard household’s water consumption. The bathroom renovation team knows a few quick and easy ways to substantially reduce water consumption at your Toronto home.

The key to limiting your water waste is to install plumbing appliances and fixtures that use a lower volume of water per use or unit time. For example, your daily shower is responsible for a large amount of water waste. If you install a shower head that uses a lower volume of water per minute, you can substantially reduce your yearly water waste.

Perhaps the easiest way to limit water usage through your bathroom renovation is to install a dual flush toilet. The dual flush toilet allows the user to choose between a small volume and a large volume flushing option. By using this system, you can save over 17,000 gallons of water per year, which results in a great environmental boon and a reduction in your monthly utilities.

Install Eco-Friendly Materials

Because the green renovation movement has become so ubiquitous, there are a countless number of quality green bathroom materials on the market. You do not have to skimp on style or durability, and because the supply is so large, you do not need to break the bank in order to install green materials.

The green bathroom renovation specialists can provide you with a wide range of eco-friendly materials include sustainably sourced wood, recycled content flooring, and fully recycled countertops. The styles are endless, so you can have the freedom to choose a bathroom renovation design that best fits your family’s tastes.