Basements Design Projects

Basement Courtyard

Basement projects in East Toronto we constructed a courtyard to maximise the natural light brought into the basement and for added outside space. We designed a practical space that is easily accessible from both inside the property and outside with stairs leading up to the front of the house. With large windows and glass doors surrounding the courtyard, it provides a unique alternative to having a light well to bring in light into the basement. A courtyard provides homeowners with privacy, sunlight and can be utilised in a number of ways.

Basement Courtyard


A basement in Richmond hill where the floor was lowered, the external walls were underpinned so the desired headroom could be achieved, has been completed and is currently being furnished. The basement has had a cavity drain membrane system fitted and the 2 large rooms has been converted for living space.

Many people are still unaware that basements can be constructed beneath their existing homes, even when they do not have any form of existing basement. They tend to be called Retrofit basements, or basement excavation or construction. Basement renovation in Richmond hill have a wealth of experience in this area and can offer free advice and surveys, to see what can be achieved. We cover Southern Ontario, including all of Toronto and the home counties. Such basements can be used for bedrooms, home office, gym, cinema room, kitchen, games room, swimming pool, music room, the list of endless. Contact us and see how we can come up with something magical for yourselves, by creating a basement beneath your current property.


Most people want a basement to extend their living space but a basement also offers the option for you to be more creative than your usual self and pick an entirely new aesthetic theme for your home especially as a basement can be larger than the entire footprint of your home. One huge benefit of a basement is being able to avoid moving and the costs that come with that, you can build the cinema room you have always wanted or the playroom for your expanding family.

Interior wise a basement has a lot of lean way, if you fancy exposed brick and a bold statement room a basement allows for that as it does not have to conform to the rest of the property.

The following are some tips for basement interior design:

Statement walls

Statement walls

Being creative can extend beyond a framed artwork or bright cushion so don’t be afraid to design a statement wall using wallpaper in one of your rooms. Large digital prints and patterns can be used to create a wall mural and when balanced against minimal wall paint in the rest of the room it is not overpowering. Having a statement wall strategically placed under a light well will also enhance the impact of this.

Back to Basics

When decorating and deciding what furniture to buy people often believe that they have to stick to a certain style when in actual fact it is the balancing act between the different styles and elements in one room that creates an interesting space; For example, balancing bohemian prints against more organic minimal room features to create a contrast. If you are drawn in by bright colour palettes, patterned textiles then contrast this against neutral walls to create a sense of harmony.


The basement conversion in Richmond hill had extensive underpinning to the exterior walls to obtain headroom of 2.5 metres. This along with retro-fit basements where a basement is installed under a property, where one previously did not exist is becoming a popular option.

basement conversion


When you have a light well consider having reflective surfaces to maximise the amount of lighting the room soaks up such as mirrored ornaments or wooden floors which does not absorb light as carpet does. With light wells strategically placed and LED lights to create the mood you desire you wont notice the difference. Because of this you can choose to have any room beneath ground floor such as your family room and kitchen.

The following images demonstrate how lighting can be both functional and decorative.



Basement digouts, retrofit basements, basement excavation or whatever you wish to call them are proving more and more popular, especially in and around Toronto. The true cost of moving is expensive when you take into account the stamp duty and the other associated fees, and if you live in a area you like, why would you want too. You can create extra additional space by simply excavating beneath your existing home. Professionals take care of the complete project including the necessary consents and permissions so you can sit back and relax.