2022 Trend: Comfortable Chic

Maybe you think we’re looking to the future too quickly. But a new year means a fresh start and a chance for change, as a person and in the home.

This year the contemporary design palette has been largely neutral and even leaning towards modern. But this year we’ll see more emphasis on making the home comfortable, sophisticated, and inviting.

Who says comfy and high end don’t go together? Studding has been a growing trend over the past few months and will only continue to become more popular. Studding your favorite office chair or a set for the kitchen table will bring a high-end, fashion forward decadence to your favorite furniture.

In the world of color, look out for rich colors, like emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire, golden yellow tones and exotic coral shades, vivid turquoise and luscious cream colors, to counter last years black and white interiors.Think Peacock, but for your home.